The New One-Minute Manager - Ken Blanchard & Spencer Johnson

This week I read The New One Minute Manager. It is a relatively short book, and in narrative form.

This is a well-written book that will be useful to anyone that mentors, coaches or manages people. It gives simple, yet effective frameworks to manage your relationships with subordinates and other people who you may delegate to or have some form of responsibility for. It promotes three main techniques:

One-minute goals

This book promotes a method of setting goals that is collaborative, rather than predominately top-down or bottom-up. It provides brief examples and frameworks to help you start to use this method to set effective goals quickly and effectively.

One-minute Praise

The reason that the one minute manager watches their employees is to catch them doing something good, then praise them for it. this helps reassure the employee that the boss is not out to catch them out, but is actually there to help them learn and develop.

One-minute Re-directions

When the subordinate does not produce effective results, there is a need for a redirection. this should not be left to the annual performance review, but should be done as soon as possible. There is a fantastic 7-step guide to providing quick and effective re-directions. This is my favourite thing that I learned from this book.

For each of these, the book gives practical examples, and reasons why it works, all in a cleverly written, narrative form that is very easy to digest.

This book has given me tools to help me improve a number of my relationships in work, voluntary organisations, and within my personal relationships. I highly recommend it.

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[originally posted January 16th, 2021]

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