The Four Agreements - Don Miguel Ruiz

1. The 4 agreements – Don Miguel Ruiz

This week I read the 4 agreements, after being first exposed to it about four years ago through a work colleague. This book is more a philosophical/spiritual book than a personal productivity book, however it presents four simple principles which permeate every aspect of our lives.

This book creates a framework that helps to alter our mindset, because we all have been incorrectly indoctrinated during our domestication (apparently). Some of the introduction is a bit ethereal, however the practical implications of this book are sound.

They are:

1. Be impeccable with your word – In everything that you say (to other people and within yourself), only speak truth and do not assassinate people, either yourself or others, by what you say

2. Don’t take anything personally – when people hate you or say or do something against you, usually it is because they have had a bad day, or because of some prejudice that they have, rather than because you are a bad person. So don’t take it so seriously.

3. Don’t make assumptions – too often, we make mistakes or judge people negatively because we have jumped to conclusions. Don’t make assumptions, listen and strive to understand.

4. Do your best – in everything you do, do your best. Don’t have any regrets from not trying hard enough.

This book provides examples where each of these principles apply to various aspects of life, and by doing these you can become a better person

[originally posted January 24, 2021]

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