Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki

This week, I read rich dad poor dad. It was on the shelf in an op shop, and I’d heard about it so I decided that this week was the week that I would read it.

In this book, Robert Kiyosaki compares life and financial advice given him by his two ‘dads’ – his poor, real life dad, and his ‘rich dad’ – actually the father of his childhood friend Mike.

These two sets of advice represent two different views of money – one which will keep you poor, with the other to help you on your way to get rich.

Rich Dad’s advice is not easy to follow if you are used to following poor Dad’s advice, and there are many poor dads and chicken littles telling you that the sky will fall in if you follow rich dad’s advice.

The challenge in this book is to open your mind to a different way of thinking, to try it out, and being prepared to fail in order to learn life’s lessons.

There are many important lessons in this book, which contains many principles that apply to success in all aspects of life, not just in financial terms.

I highly recommend it. It will change your life – if you make it.

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