2021 is a new year. As part of my new-year resolution, I’ve committed to reading or re-reading 52 books and reviewing them on my website.

They will all be self-help, productivity and business-based books, which I have read and have found useful and meaningful.

I will publish the posts weekly at the same time so that you can look out for them each week, and will make them available on social media and RSS feeds.

Keep an eye out for my first book review, Getting Things Done by David Allen. This is a personal favourite and one that contains so many principles for organisation and productivity. It radically changed the way that I do things, and I hope it can help you transform your productivity!

[originally posted 1 January 2021]

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Hi, I'm Martin Pitt

I'm a Public speaker, motivator and productivity guru.

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I've created this website and blog to help share motivation, productivity tips, and information about the books I've read.

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