Getting to Yes - Roger Fisher and William Ury

After reading another book on negotiation, which used a rather belligerent approach, I then went looking for a more mutually beneficial approach to negotiation, and I found this book. There are 3 main principles, which if you follow, they will help your negotiations profoundly, and help you achieve outcomes that are acceptable to both parties

1. Listen. Gain perspective and think from the other person’s perspective. Ask questions, and listen to gain insight about what is actually the nub of the issue. both parties will have different things that they want out of the situation, and rather than cutting down the middle, there may actually be something in particular that each party wants out of the transaction.

2. Think win-win – using your knowledge of what each of the parties want out of the exchange, develop a solution that meets these needs as best as possible. This requires creativity, and may require further iterations before a suitable agreement can be reached.

3. Use objective criteria to solve the dispute like a judge. Think market valuations, third-party inputs, or government or industry body standards. By using these, you can ensure that whatever outcome you achieve will be fair and acceptible to everyone involved.

This book is fantastic, and provides lots of examples and real-life stories of negotiations where these principles apply. I highly reccomend reading it. To purchase it on Amazon using my affiliate link, click here

[originally posted 5th February, 2021]

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