Eat That Frog - Brian Tracy

Do you ever have something that’s really important that you keep putting off?

Do you procrastinate by doing other ‘productive’ things?

We all get distracted by the hundreds of easy-to-do tadpole tasks swimming around the pond of our things to do, when there is a big, ugly frog sitting there, which really needs to be done.

This book is very useful as it helps to identify the things that you should be doing in your professional life, as well as motivational tips to get you started on your least favourite job.

There are 21 chapters, and each of them has a simple, yet effective principle that applies to personal productivity and effectiveness to help you find and do the more important things on your list of responsibilities.

I highly recommend this book, it will help change the way you do things for the better. To purchase on Amazon using my affiliate link, please click here

[originally posted January 9th, 2021]

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